Polly Letofsky

The only woman to walk around the world.

Learn the steps of transformative growth to tackle the LITTLE STEPS to your BIG FEAT

Polly Letofsky

Polly Letofsky left her home and headed west across 4 continents and over 14,000 miles - by foot - to become the first woman to walk around the world.

As an awareness campaign for breast cancer strangers welcomed her into their homes. But is was never an easy road; Polly struggled with earthquakes, muggings, languages, even religious riots. The ultimate challenge came in the middle of Polly’s journey when September 11 flung us all into a crossroads in world history.

Your audiences will walk away with a renewed commitment to achieve the seemingly unachievable, determined to move past the unexpected obstacles and embrace a new spirit towards their lives and work.

What people are saying about the Little Steps, Big Feat Presentation

"Polly delivered her inspirational, challenging story in a down home, neighborly way.  All of us walked away with new skills to overcome adversity and [more]

--David Buttery, City Manager, City of Woodland Park

Polly inspired our team to not focus on how to quit, but rather how to restructure and reach out –when facing your difficult issues.  [more]

Melinda Keith, DIRECTV Women’s Leadership Exchange

Polly's presentation was AWESOME!!  Literally, everyone loved her presentation and walked out of the room with their moods pumping. She was a HUGE [more]

Suzanne Wiederrich, Co Association of Healthcare Auxilians

Polly Letofsky’s presentation to our leaders echoed the lessons they had learned during a year-long leadership development program. She drove home the critical importance [more]

Jodi Grossman, GHX Director, Talent Manager

 “Her ability to correlate her experiences with that of our clients and those in the audience was not only motivational, but highly entertaining. The [more]

Dana Juniel, Event Manager, Family Tree

"Our members took the message of commitment, dedication and overcoming obstacles into the workplace, which has boosted our collective energy. Thank you so [more]

Wendy Albrecht Zollner, Nat'l Association of Purchasing Management

"Her presentation had an impact on our lives and [more]

Peter Brissete, Colorado Assisted Living Association Annual Conference

I'm a professional speaker and have heard hundreds of speakers over the years. This is the first time I was left [more]

President APWA Washington, Jill Mariley

“We received an explosion of positive feedback from the attendees that your presentation was “a nice human touch to a technical conference” and “keynote [more]

Wendy DeVargas, APWA (American Public Works Association)

"We NEED this woman back again and again [more]

Diane Sova, Ball Aerospace

"Polly was just what our women’s division was looking for...an intelligent, engaging and humorous speaker. All ages, 25-88 yrs old, were unanimously mesmerized by [more]

Barbara Glazer, Programs Chair of National Jewish Federation, Milwaukee

"My returning students still light up when I ask who recalls Ms. Letofsky’s presentation. Often they will turn to newer students and remark, Oh, [more]

Anthonette Klinkerman: Eagle Academy High School

"Polly spoke to a crowded house leaving the audience captivated for 45 minutes. She received a standing ovation, something that has never happened for [more]

Donna Poyer, VP Promotions, Business Professional Women’s State Convention

"I was in charge of obtaining speakers that can not only entertain this audience of three-hundred teenagers, but will get across a valuable message. [more]

Todd Bastian, Program Chair of Youth Leadership

"WOW! Polly was wonderful. She spoke to some key leaders in our organization and connected her walk around the world to the challenges we [more]

Human Resources Manager, Adams County, Colorado

Polly’s energy and enthusiasm infused everyone and inspired us to do our best, give our all and share the joy of living and [more]

BJ Boucher, American Cancer Society

"Thank you! The most inspiring speaker I’ve heard in years -- Brings me literally to [more]

Tanya Konye, Women’s Vision Foundation

"Something I will remember and use for the rest of my [more]

Michelle Cohn, Grand Valley State University, Michigan

"We were motivated, educated, entertained, and enlightened. The room was buzzing [more]

Karen Miller, Colorado Assessors Association

"We shur loved your storeys! My favorite was when the monkey jumped on your [more]

~Elijah, aged 6, from Jewell Elementary, Aurora, CO

"Polly’s inspirational message to our practice left everyone who walked out of the room awed - and provided us with the confidence that putting [more]

Coralie Chan, Kaiser Permanente

"The best speaker we’ve ever had...Inspiring in a very relatable [more]

Cathy Nelson, Colorado Springs Visitors Bureau Annual Gala

“You were a hit! Our engineers responded to your presentation with: ‘A nice human touch to a technical conference’ and ‘Keynote speaker was phenomenal!’ [more]

Wanda DeVargas– American Public Works Association, Denver

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