Polly Letofsky

The only woman to walk around the world.

Learn the steps of transformative growth to tackle the LITTLE STEPS to your BIG FEAT


Jodi Grossman, GHX Director, Talent Manager

Polly Letofsky’s presentation to our leaders echoed the lessons they had learned during a year-long leadership development program. She drove home the critical importance of leaders needing to have strong commitment, positive attitude, willingness to reach out to others for support, and a sense of humor.

Dana Juniel, Event Manager, Family Tree

 “Her ability to correlate her experiences with that of our clients and those in the audience was not only motivational, but highly entertaining. The amount of positive feedback we received from our guests about Polly’s keynote was overwhelming.” 

Wendy DeVargas, APWA (American Public Works Association)

“We received an explosion of positive feedback from the attendees that your presentation was “a nice human touch to a technical conference” and “keynote speaker was phenomenal!” It was definitely what I was looking for and was impressed that you tied in your challenges to relate with our challenges on the job.”

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